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Here at Dayton 2005 Gordon West "WB6NOA" came by the tent and talked about the great performance and his installation of his Efactor on his conversion van. That's Gordon on the left and it was cold that morning, and he was wearing shorts. I'm in the blue and green jacket looking at his photo's. Thanks again Gordon!


Huntsville 2016, Gordon came by to see how Diane and me were doing. He gave me some good news to share he is still using the same Efactor Dual-band on his van. He was excited to say he just talked to the Hawaii again the week before from his van at his location in California. The picture of his setup is on the page so thanks Gordon it was wonderful to hear and see you again.


Gordon's Communication Van

Now, I spoke of Gordon West coming by the table at Huntsville 2005 and telling of his long haul QSO. Gordon was at his home station and heard a station in Hawaii from his California residence and wanted to see if he could hear it on the mobile Efactor. He went to the van and was going to proceed to a mountain top but heard the station from his driveway and called the station and the station came back and said he was a good S8 to S9. WOW!! Gordon was so excited and again said the performance was just unbelievable. Thanks again Gordon for this report.

Checkout Gordon's article in CQ VHF Magazine Summer 2008 on his Efactorantenna Dual-Band.


Now it is Hamvention 2007, Gordon dropped by to see how we doing at the booth. I had a good chat with Gordon and he is still loving his Efactor on his van which the pictures are on the website here. Gordon informed me he had written a article on the Efactor in a upcoming CQ VHF magazine explaining how well it worked. Thanks again Gordon you are my most famous customer. See you there next year, 73es David WT4E



 W0BOV / Dana's House Setup



Hi David,
     Here is a picture of my Efactor Dual-Band antenna in its permanent mount.  It's up about 30 ft. and is being fed with 50 ft. of LMR-400 coax.
  I live in the Albany, NY area and with the Efactor antenna  I can rely on contacts out to 50 - 75 miles or so on 2M or 70CM SSB.  
     I use an FT-847 @ 50 watts for my 2M/70CM SSB work.  I can and do go up to 165 watts if needed on either band.  On 70CM there isn't a lot of activity in our area...but, I did get in to Binghamton, NY a couple of times, its about 100 miles SSW from me.  My farthest contact on 2M has been to Philadelphia.  The Philly contact was a surprise because I was only running 50 watts at the time.
     If you want to use the picture  and/or my comments, please feel free to do so.
Chris Linck