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2006 Southern States Conference

The picture of the Efactor Dual-Band Antenna being tested at  the 2006 Southeastern VHF Conference, check out link.


WOW! Did a prelim (indoor) check on the antenna with my FT847 and it was  right on frequency just the way it arrived. The Bird registered no measurable reflected power - this is much better results than I ever had using either of the sq single band loops from a major manufacturer. This baby is a KEEPER! Thanks Dave - you obviously put a lot of time and effort into the design making this a superior value. Please feel free to use my comments if you so wish.

Tom (WB8IIA)



 Jun 24, 2006  Two thumbs up !
I have the E-Factor mounted about 7 feet up on my roof here at the QTH and so far it seems to work quite well. Ground wave, I've covered about 75+ miles on both bands with 75 watts or less. A couple of weeks ago, there was some E-Skip on 2-meters and I worked Minnesota (EN35) from my Northern New York (FN24) location. As an added bonus, this antenna also works pretty good with the VO-52 V/UHF SSB satellite. Power rating on both bands is 1000 watts, and the antenna is quite sturdy. Single coax fed to boot!

73es KC2FTN & Thanks

Very good for portable operations &  limited installations. I've had my E-Factor for almost a year and it is current on top of the mast in my yard. I rent and have a very limited ability to put up antennas without issues from the landlord. The ability to run a single feedline for two bands is a big plus. This is also a wonderful antenna for portable/rover operations. It's well made.The only nit I'll pick is that the supplied U-bolt is too large to fit on a small mast (i.e.: the ones you get from Radio Shack). Otherwise it's about perfect: small, lightweight, well built, and with performance close to that of separate loops. Still, when small size and a small footprint are key I don't think you can do any better.  73es K7VO


I installed the Efactor Dual-band on my bicycle this past year and the longest contact was at 334 miles on 2m during the summer and 190 miles on 432. Great antenna and I get a lot questions about what it is. Also included is a picture of Dana's/W0BOV setup who just got back on weak signal after being off several years. I worked him from my rover setup a couple weeks back at 60 + miles on 432 and his 20 watts. Plan to send in an order for a few antennas as presents to folks this Christmas. Thanks JD N0IRS


Good contest antenna. This is a good portable/rover contest antenna.It is small, sturdy, and easy to set up. You do have to check the open gap between elements, though, because they can change during transport between rover sites. This is not a major problem.I've had good success working 2m stations with this antenna out to about 150 miles, and 70cm stations about 100 miles. 
 73es KG6YRG


Because of my apartment setting, I cannot leave my antennas out perminately mounted, so I have to bring them in, and the back and forth stuff, and my work schedule doesn't let me work a lot of 2m/432 ssb, not to mention the "noise" issues on the bands @ my qth. However after not using it in awhile, I fired it up for the June VHF Contest. I only worked one station on 2m, K8PG and this was during the dead of the day about 300 miles + away up in FM08. My qth is at the bottom of FM05 with no tower and a poor location. I also was hearing rovers and stations in EM85 & FM14. Working grids like FM06 is easy for me. Great antenna, plus the price is now reduced. Go grab it if you have 2m or 432 ssb capablilities and your not using them. Also this antenna has a good pickup pattern overhead making it ideal for low orbiting satellites. I can hear Oscar 51 in FM on 70cm in low power mode at about a S5 INDOORS during good passes, and pickup Oscar-29 perfectly on SSB/CW. It performs much better for LEOs than a short vertical antenna. ~ 73s ~ Bill ~ N1RIK 


I have purchased several of these dual loops for rovers in the VHF contests. They mount very nicely above a tri-magnet mount and require no modifications to your vehicle. The single feedline is a big plus because no switching is required when changing from 2M to 432Mhz. The performance is great too...we have worked these loops out to 200 miles on 2M and 432!! In the last contest, we made over 50 contacts with these antennas. We intend to put out several more of them in the June contest. They work well and are highly recommended for simple/casual rover stations. 73es, Marshall K5QE






AB4BC Rating: 5/5 Aug 2, 2006 21:54 Fabulous! Installed the antenna on my apartment balcony at around 40 ft. My first contact on 70 cm while making adjustments was in Daytonna Beach, FL from my QTH in Savannah, GA using a stock FT-857D with no linear. I get a great SWR reading from 144.000 - 146.000 MHz and 430.000 - 437.000 MHz. Its a beautiful antenna and the customer service was great. Ordered the antenna on Monday and received it Wednesday morning. Highly recommend.

Hi David,
      Here are 2 pictures of my dual band Efactor antenna in its permanent mount.  It's up about 30 ft and is being fed with 50 ft  of LMR-400 coax.  I live in the Albany, NY  area and with the Efactor antenna, I can rely on contacts out to 50 - 75 miles or  on 2M or 70CM SSB.  I use an FT-847 @ 50 watts for my 2M/70CM SSB work.  I can and do go up to 165 watts if needed on either band.  On 70CM there isn't a lot of activity in our area...but, I did get in to Binghamton (NY) a couple of times...about 100 miles SSW from me.  My farthest contact on 2M has been to Philadelphia.  The Philly contact was a surprise because I was only running 50 watts at the time. If you want to use the pics and my comments, please feel free to do so.
Chris Linck

Hi David,

I've run the 144/432 efactor antennas for 10 years (or maybe more) using mag
mounts on both my car & truck. I drive up and down the US East Coast from
Mass. to NC & Florida quite often and the efactor's have been great. The
single feedline really makes this antenna easy to use with a TS2000 or IC706
or any number of 144.432 vhf radios.

73 Mark Casey, K1MAP, Hampden, Massachusetts

Ebay Feedback
 Item as described, well packaged, and quickly shipped AAA+++ Apr-24-09 09:59
 144/432 Mhz SSB,CW Loop Antenna (#230338285664)  
Great Antenna - Performs well right out of the box. FB communications from Dave Apr-22-09 15:17
 144/432 Mhz SSB,CW Loop Antenna (#230336898492)  
 144/432 Mhz SSB,CW Loop Antenna (#230336340577)  
 144 Mhz SSB, CW Loop Antenna (#230335376824)  
Antenna is as pictured,will try soon,got here quick, Thanks! Apr-12-09 05:18
 144 Mhz SSB, CW Loop Antenna (#230333991059)  
great ssb antenna Apr-10-09 07:24

Check out one of my customers sites, thanks JD for all you have done for me. 73es