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Antennas for SSB, CW, Satellite & Digital

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Our History – We started out in our garage Phil and me. He was making his antennas from a proven design I was wanting to design something new but it had to work, tune and perform. I wanted a omni-directional antenna my thoughts if you want a directional design then build a beam, right? So I came up with the circular design and the Efactor was born. It has been about 20 years now Phil and his wife retired long ago and moved to be with the kids and grandkids I don’t blame them. So the journey since then has be fun, crazy at times and frustrating. There has been a few changes more improvements than anything since the beginning. During these years I have met a lot of hams that love and still use the antenna to this day. I want to give a special thanks to Gordon West “WB6NOA” for his praises for the Efactor he has been great! Marshall Williams “K5QE”a big time contester he has bought several antennas and allowed many hams to use during contests a special thanks to him. So check out the antennas and different setups for home or mobile. Please check out our other site it is expanding in the months to come!

73es Dave WT4E