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Antennas: S&H Included Lower 48 States:  NOTE:  At this time, I’m not making any antennas do to moving to another location, PLEASE DO NOT send any money because my shop is being dismantled. It may be Spring or early Summer before we are up and running again. Sorry I know this interferes with field day but I have retired and I will be building again full time in my new shop 73es & thanks.  If any questions, feel free to email me at

144 Mhz  VHF Only

144/432 Mhz  Dual-Band

144 Mhz  VHF Stacked Set w/Phasing Harness

144/432 Mhz Dual-Band Stacked Set w/Phasing Harness 

NOTE: Presently we ship by Priority Mail sorry no UPS

Payment: Personal Check, Bank Check or USPS Money Order

You can send a USPS Money Order, Bank Check or Personal Check to the address below. Please email if any questions at

Send To:



The antennas come with a 2″ U-bolt but can be substituted with a 9/16’s size for smaller rods for mobile.

If you want both U-bolts please add $10 to the price.

If you want both for a stacked set add $18 to the price.

SO-239 Connector comes standard if you want an N-Connector add $10 for each antenna.

Contact: Please email if any questions at:

Shipping: We ship Priority Mail, No UPS. Antennas are shipped normally 7 to 10 days for after payment is received.